Acoustic Monitoring

Acoustic monitoring consists of using hydrophones, also known as underwater microphones, to detect underwater noises. Hydrophones are integrated onto platforms such as buoys, cabled systems or unmanned underwater vehicles, and can be deployed alone or as an array of several hydrophones working together. They can be passive, only picking up sound waves, or active, both emitting and receiving sound waves, such as SONAR. Passive systems are the preferred method for acoustic monitoring, as active systems can contribute to underwater noise pollution and can be disruptive to local wildlife. Acoustic monitoring systems can be used for detecting sound waves from ship engines, possibly determining the engine type, ship location, the vessel's speed or other specific activities such as fishing. This could effectively determine if fishing is occurring in no-take zones, or if other illegal fishing practices, such as blast fishing, are taking place. Hydrophone arrays are ideal for coastal use because they can be more easily connected to shore- or ship-based stations through fiber optic cables, allowing them to provide real-time surveillance information. Unfortunately, the commercial availability of acoustic sensors is limited and most technological innovation occurs within the military.

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The AQ-25 is a broadband hydrophone that can be used for monitoring of ambient noises, vessel activity, mammal acoustics and seismic surveys.

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Decimus Mitigate

The Decimus Mitigate is an acoustic signal processing platform, allows users to deploy multiple acoustic platforms, such as hydrophones, at the same time.

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DolphinEar 600

The DolphinEar 600 is a cabled hydrophone that can be connected to a radio or a cell phone for listening. It includes a hydrophone, a preamplifier to pick up weak noises, and an interface for connecting with a cell phone.

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Hi-Tech HTI 92WB

Categorized as a defense hydrophone, this hydrophone comes equipped with a preamplifier allows the hydrophone to pick up on difficult-to-hear noises, making this an ideal instrument for discerning vessel sounds from those of marine animals.

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icListen Smart Hydrophone

Ocean Son’s icListen Smart Hydrophone is considered one of the most sensitive hydrophones on the market, and is easily transportable as it fits in the size of your hand. It can function as both an acoustic data logger and a digital hydrophone simultaneously, and multiple hydrophones can be synchronized into a multi-channel array to avoid signal cross-talk.

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Marine Mammal Hydrophone

The Marine Mammal hydrophone is specifically designed for picking up acoustics the acoustics of large animal movements, such as whales.

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SM3M Deep Water

The SM3M Deep Water is an underwater sound storage device that can be equipped with hydrophones to record a wide variety of sounds at extreme depths. It is designed for long-term deployments in extreme off-shore environments.

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Song Meter SM3M Submersible

Wildlife Acoustics’ Song Meter SM3M Submersible is a dual-purpose bioacoustics and ambient noise recorder designed to record sounds at depths down to 150 meters for months on end.

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