Buoys are an anchored platform technology that can operate on or below the surface. At its most basic level, a buoy acts a marker to delineate specific areas of ocean. The buoys included in this database however are built to be equipped with various technologies, including hydrophones, optical cameras, AIS relays, or oceanographic data gathering sensors. Data that is collected by the buoy is typically transmitted to the user by satellite or cellular means, and can deliver information about suspicious activity in real time. Stealth buoys and sonobuoys are fully submerged beneath the surface, and use acoustic sensors to covertly gather data about passing vessels. The buoy is programmed to float to the surface at regular intervals to transmit data to a receiver (possibly an aircraft or nearby vessel). Because the user would typically need an array of buoys, and buoy tend to be expensive, the technology may be best suited for smaller MPAs. When applied to a very large MPA, buoys would typically be arranged to surveil high-interest ""hot spots"" only.

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Fastwave Voyager

The Fastwave Voyager is a data-collection buoy that can serve many purposes ideal for protecting MPAs.

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Oceania Marine Tracking Buoy

The Oceania Marine Tracking Buoy is a solar powered monitoring system and well-suited for protecting MPAs. Equipped with a range of sensors, the buoy can transmit data to a server on board a vessel or on land, anywhere in the world.

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PowerBuoy 3

The PowerBuoy 3 (PB3) buoy can provide many functions for operational needs and is well-suited for MPA surveillance and data collection . The hallmark of this buoy is its ability to withstand adverse weather conditions and maintain a continuous power supply.

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Seawatch Wavescan Buoy

The Seawatch Wavescan Buoy is suited for collection and measurement of oceanographic, meteorological and water quality data.

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Various Passive Sonobuoys

Sonobuoy TechSystems offers several different passive sonobuoys with varying ranges and capabilities.
These buoys use hydrophones in order to convert underwater sound into electrical signals - ideal for monitoring sounds in MPAs - which are amplified and frequency modulated for very high frequency (VHF) transmission, which allows the user to interpret the data.

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