Integrated Systems, Networked Systems and “Big Data”

Integrated information from multiple technologies creates the full picture of illegal activity required for marine enforcement. For example, data sets gathered from camera surveillance, optical satellite imagery, and UAVs can be combined and displayed as data visualizations or maps. Successful integrated systems will effectively manage, combine, and communicate necessary information to users without inundating them with all of the various data points collected.

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Earth Insights Project

Hewlett Packard (HP) and Conservation International (CI) joined up to launch HP Earth Insights. This partnership works to leverage HP technology and expertise in order to improve the speed and accuracy of the analysis of data collected through the Tropical Ecology Assessment and Monitoring (TEAM) Network.

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Earth Observation Platform

The Earth Observation Platform gathers raw sensor data from camera traps, unmanned aerial systems and satellite imagery, and combines this information into digital maps and 3D models, allowing the user to effectively monitor large areas.

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Global Fishing Watch

Global Fishing Watch is an online platform that shows satellite imagery of all global fishing activity in near real time.

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OceanExplorer is a digital field journal that allows users to communicate findings, sightings and other information during at-sea operations.

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Navama's seeOcean platform is a web-based, vessel track explorer with global coverage. The platform tracks global vessel movements using satellite and terrestrial Automatic Identification System, Vessel Monitoring System and GPS data.

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Windward Maritime Analytics System

Windward’s Maritime Analytics System gathers, organizes and analyzes maritime data from a variety of sources, including automatic information system (AIS) data and other private, public and commercial data, to create a one stop shop for accessible information on maritime activity, including illegal fishing, to its users.

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