Manned Boats

Manned surface patrols (boats and ships) are the most common platform for maritime surveillance and enforcement. While most of the other technology listed is geared towards surveillance and data collection, boats and ships are the primary means to intercept illegal activity on the ocean.

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55' Willard Marine Patrol Boat

The 55' Willard Marine Patrol Boat can serve many purposes out at sea. It is ideal for search and rescue, fire fighting and coastal missions.

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Austal Multi-Role Vessel

Austal's Multi-Role Vessel is a vessel designed for multiple missions, including offshore and at sea war fighting, maritime protection, long-range counter-terrorism and counter-piracy, monitoring and securing territorial waters.

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Earthrace Conservation is building a new and exciting vessel specifically designed for marine conservation. Known as Earthrace-2, this trimaran – a boat with three hulls – will be used for combatting illegal fishing, fisheries enforcement and marine conservation and scientific research.

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Interceptor 9000

The Interceptor 9000 is the world’s largest amphibious Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) and is manufactured by SeaLegs.

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Sea Eagle

Manufactured by Suncraft International, the Sea Eagle is an off-shore patrol craft designed for naval or coast guard duties such as patrol and escort, search and rescue and border protection operations within Exclusive Economic Zones.

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SeaLegs 6.1m Amphibious D-Tube

The 6.1m Amphibious D-Tube is built to match rugged conditions and can take on wind and rain like a champ. Like all SeaLegs amphibious crafts, the D-Tube has retractable wheels allowing it to drive from land to sea and back again – no need for a dock or ramp.

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Sealegs 6.1m Rigid Inflatable Boat

The 6.1M Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) is a Sealegs amphibious craft – meaning, it can roll straight from a beach into the water and out again, on retractable wheels. This removes the need for a ramp or dock for launching or storage.

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Zodiac Milpro Inflatable Boats

Zodiac Milpro inflatables quickly deploy and are fast on water. These inflatables come in four ranges: commercial, emergency response, emergency rescue and military boats.

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