Manned Sensing Packages

Manned sensing packages are customized technology suites designed to enhance the surveillance capabilities of aircrafts. The packages include sensor payloads and technology affixed to the underside of aircrafts. Manned sensing packages are the civilian alternative to the military-derived Intelligence, Reconnaissance, and Surveillance (IRS) systems, designed to track targets in coordination with tactical teams. Manned sensing packages include a range of technologies: cameras, electro-optic and infrared (EO/IR) sensors, synthetic aperture and maritime radars, communications systems, and other technologies. New technologies can be added to the packages as they are released. The packages function differently than single sensor payloads in that they are designed and integrated to perform specific, enhanced functions.

Customized Manned Aerial Sensing Operations

Momentum Aerospace Group (MAG) designs and deploys customized manned aerial sensing operations, which include the aircraft and the sensor platform, for a variety of needs such as securing borders, assessing the environment, mapping land, patrolling maritime waters and providing relief, among others.

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Sea Dragon

Originally designed for the US Military's Pacific Command and to specifically to target illegal fishing in the Pacific Ocean, Technology Service Corporation (TSC)'s Sea Dragon is an adaptable intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) mission. The system can be adapted for a variety of different aircraft, with a payload that is also customizable to suit different mission needs.

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