Onboard Observation Technology

Onboard observation technology, which includes electronic monitoring, refers to any kind of system that allows for remote collection, records, and reports of fishing activity. This may include onboard video surveillance or other hardware to ensure compliance standards are met, in order to reduce the need for a human observer. This technology requires cooperation from the fishing vessel, and would be very helpful to support traceability programs.

Bushnell Marine Binoculars

Bushnell Marine Binoculars are buoyant, waterproof and corrosion resistant, offering an ideal, low-tech aid to maritime surveillance - whether you're keeping an eye on the bad guys or navigating through difficult weather, these binoculars can help.

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Electronic Monitoring System

Saltwater Inc.'s electronic monitoring (EM) system integrates video and sensor data to provide a cost effective review of fisheries activities

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Electronic Monitoring System and Data Review Software

Archipelago Marine Research can help with planning, launching and managing electronic monitoring (EM) programs by offering training, consulting and certified data-review services.

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SeaTube is an on board video recording system that allows ship owners, research centers and fishing administrations, among others, to control and manage vessel activity.

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