Onboard Tracking & Geofencing Technology

There are typically two ways that geofencing can be applied to MPA enforcement. The first is as a boat alarm, which the operator uses to track their own boat and is notified when it leaves programmed GPS parameters. This could possibly be used to trace paths of vessels or as an anti-corruption tool by local coast guard or law enforcement, since it provides greater visibility as to where in the maritime space the boat patrols are located. Alternatively, geofencing can be used to notify boats that they have entered a marine protected area (MPA). In this case, a virtual perimeter would be established using GPS coordinates from buoys or other devices. If a vessel crosses the invisible line into the MPA, the boat receives a ping to let them know they need to turn around. This notification can be transmitted across cellular networks, AIS, VMS, or satellite communications. Because geofencing requires a device to send the notification to, the technology relies on the cooperation of the fishing vessel.

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The C-pod is a boat alarm and GPS tracking system that uses geofencing to establish the vessel's position and notifies the user upon theft or unauthorized movement of the vessel.

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Nav-Tracker Systems

Nav-Tracker is a monitoring system designed to track and monitor vessels.

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Pelagic Data Systems Vessel Tracking System

The Pelagic Vessel Tracking System (VTS) is a solar-powered data collection device that is suitable for tracking smaller vessels that are often excluded from existing tracking systems, such as automatic identification system (AIS) and vessel management system (VMS) that are used for fleet management.

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Scorpion Track Marine

The ScorpionTrack is a geofencing device that acts as theft protection for vessels. The device provides remote updates on speed, direction, battery condition and location details of a vessel.

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Siren Pixie Remote Boat Monitoring Devices

Siren Marine offers remote boat monitoring solutions that provides geofence tracking, location data, bilge water level, battery level and temperature.

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