Vessel Monitoring System

Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) are installed on commercial fishing vessels to allow regulatory agencies to monitor position, time, course and speed of the vessel. They come equipped with a transmitter and GPS unit and are usually mandated for vessels of a certain size or type. VMS is important for regulatory organizations to track fishing vessels within territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zones.

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The BlueTracker VMS is specifically developed to monitor fishing vessels inside and outside of the European Union.

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McMurdo V-Link VMS

The McMurdo V-Link VMS is a vessel monitoring system that is in compliance with European regulations by allowing governmental authorities to monitor and track vessels that are operating within EEZs.

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ORBCOMM Vessel Monitoring System IDP-690

ORBCOMM’s Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) IDP-690 is pre-certified by the Pacific Island Forum Fisheries Agency, a cooperative organization that combats illegal fishing in the South Pacific, and includes many features to assist in maritime endeavors.

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Sailor Platinum Plus VMS Package

The Sailor Platinum Plus VMS Package is specifically designed for fishing vessels and is a dedicated maritime/VMS tracking and safety system.

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SkyMate 1500 VMS Package

The SkyMate Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) 1500 Package is intended for commercial fisherman and meets NOAA tracking requirements.

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Thorium VMS Kit

The Thorium VMS kit comes with everything needed for a vessel monitoring system and is NOAA approved.

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