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1st Watch Wireless Radar


The FURUNO 1st Watch Wireless Radar is an untethered radar system that is placed on a vessel and increases maritime domain awareness for users. This is particularly useful during times of anchoring or roaming.

There’s an app for that: This radar connects to an app on a smartphone or other compatible devices such as an iPad that will show what the radar is detecting. Simply install the mobile application onto up to two devices simultaneously and follow the instructions. This compatibility with existing technology makes this radar system cost effective compared to those that require customized viewing technology.

Stand guard: Users can set up a custom “guard zone” within the range of the radar, and the app will alert you when anything enters this zone. Adjust the size and area of the guard zone by “dragging” the circles on the radar screen with your finger. Once the guard zone is activated, your iPad or iPhone will alert you whenever a target enters or leaves the guard zone - feel free to take a nap and let the 1st Watch Wireless radar keep a lookout.


Temperature: -25°C to +55°C
Waterproofing: IP26
Range: 24 nm

  • Company: FURUNO

  • Type: Radar Technologies

  • Direct Cost: $1,695

  • Indirect Cost: Compatible devices (iPad, iPhone, iMini)

  • Link: Product Website

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