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Aerostatic Poaching Protection (APP) Unit


The Aerostatic Poaching Protection (APP) unit is a tactical tethered aerostat system designed to detect and locate poachers by monitoring critical wildlife habitats . The system acts as a deterrent to poachers and comes equipped with features that target poachers. While designed for a terrestrial application, this Aerostat can equally be used on a coast for maritime surveillance to combat illegal fishing and can be tailored to meet mission needs.

Three's company: The Aeros APP systems have three components: the airborne platform or aerostat, a sensor suite that can be customized to meet mission requirements and a ground control system to allow for communications to and from the aerostat to monitor and control the aerostat and sensors. The APP system provides persistent, wide-area surveillance to silently track the movement of animals and detect intrusions. Any illegal activity can be recorded on video to track patterns or collect evidence.

Eyes on the Sea: A modified version of the Aeros APP can be adapted for shipboard mounting to monitor illegal fishing activities at sea. The APP has over the horizon capabilities, allowing it to "see" from long distances. This enables the ship to stay at a safer and stealthier distance away from targets in order to enhance the element of surprise should the poachers be pursued.

Day and Night: Designed with an eye for poachers, the APP comes equipped with a shot detection system that notifies authorities of the location where a gun has been discharged. The Electro-Optical/Infrared camera provides continuous day and night surveillance and has the ability to detect camouflage.


Maximum Operating Altitude: 1,500 meters
Length: 39 meters
Mission Duration: 20+ days
Payload at 1,500 meters: 300 kilograms
Operational Wind at 1,500 meters: 50 knots

  • Company: Worldwide Aeros Corporation

  • Type: Aerostats

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