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Agros Satellite System


Collecte Localisation Satellites' Agros satellite-based system is a worldwide satellite platform that can be geared towards protecting fish stocks, aiding in fleet and fisheries managment, and provides ship security alert and tracking.

The deets: The Agros system includes Platform Terminal Transmitters that are installed on vessels. These transmitters can be powered by battery or solar energy. The transmitters upload messages to Argos satellites that pass overhead and the information is then transmitted back to Earth for analysis.

Spoof me not: The platform uses Doppler radar technology and GPS positioning for anti-spoofing capabilities. The system is in compliance with VMS regulations, and it provides the position, speed and heading information for every vessel at least once an hour, sometimes more. Messages are relayed back in real-time, and CLS provides an equipment package (transmitter and data analysis software) that meets the specific needs of the industrial and small-scale fishing sectors.

Beyond vessels: Transmitters can also be installed on marine mammals, marine animals and birds all over the world for scientific observation and preservation efforts.

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  • Type: Satellite Observation

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