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The AT-802U is a tough, powerful, cost-efficient, and rapidly deployable aircraft. It has multi-mission capabilities and is built for rugged environments such as those combatting illegal fishing and protecting MPAs far out at sea.

Every penny’s worth: With an average of 450 flight hours per year, the operation cost for the AT-802 is under $400 per flight hour, making it an affordable option in its category. The aircraft’s speed and maneuverability exceed that of most helicopters and UAVs.

Mix and match: The spacious cabin permits virtually any intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance payload and is easily adaptable for changing mission requirements.

Oh, the places you’ll go: The AT-802U is designed to take-off and land on dirt strips with minimal support, making it ideal for remote missions and highly versatile.


Maximum Cruise Speed: 394 kph
Endurance: 10-hour IRS mission
Range: 2,414 km

United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Yemen (formerly), United States
  • Company: Air Tractor

  • Type: Manned Aircraft

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost:

  • Link: Product Website

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