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Austal Multi-Role Vessel


Austal's Multi-Role Vessel (MRV) is a vessel designed for multiple missions, including offshore and at sea war fighting, maritime protection, long-range counter-terrorism and counter-piracy, monitoring and securing territorial waters.

Jack of all trades: The Austal MRV is a Trimaran platform that allows for high speeds - perfect for going after those illegal fishing vessels that try to slip away. It is also capable of housing a helicopter for multi-mission capabilities.

Gift that keeps on giving: Recently, the Australian government announced the gift of this new patrol vessel to assist Vanuatu in securing and patrolling its Exclusive Economic Zone against illegal fishing and transnational crime. The Austal MRV is well-suited to patrol Vanuatu's large EEZ and the vessel is set to be delivered in 2018.

  • Company: Austal

  • Type: Manned Boats

  • Direct Cost: Approx. $13 million

  • Indirect Cost:

  • Link: Product Website

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