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The BlueTracker VMS is specifically developed to monitor fishing vessels inside and outside of the European Union.

Standout: Most vessel tracking devices communicate data only through satellite networks, which can leave mariners having to pay high satellite position reporting costs. The BlueTracker terminal uses low-cost GPRS communication and can be configured to several reporting schemes. The satellite reporting channel allows for navigation on the high seas and the GPRS communication channel is best-suited for navigating coastal or GPRS covered waters. The Iridium LEO satellite network allows the BlueTracker to report its position, send alarms and transfer reports from anywhere in the world.

Safety first: The BlueTracker has enhanced security and safety features that prevent tampering and fraud such as alert buttons. Other features such as antenna blockage detection, a unique serial number engraved into the hardware, security seals and color status LED create even more safety and security. The BlueTracker also comes equipped with message data encryption in order to prevent sending unauthenticated external data.

Fenced in: Up to 100 geographical areas in the form of geofences (virtual fences that create a perimeter around specified areas) can be uploaded edited, activated and deactivated remotely. Users can define operational rules, such as reporting frequency, for each geographical area as well as be alerted when a vessel is approaching and crossing into the defined borders. This would be ideal for delineating the boundaries of MPAs in order to prevent accidental incursions.

Bells and whistles: This VMS unit comes with a GPS receiver and modem, an Iridium modem, a backup rechargeable battery and a central processing board.

  • Company: BluTraker

  • Type: Vessel Monitoring System

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost: Large variety of connectivity and integration possibilities offers virtually unlimited number of on-board gear sensors

  • Link: Product Website

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