Courtesy of Bushnell

Bushnell Marine Binoculars


Bushnell Marine Binoculars are buoyant, waterproof and corrosion resistant, offering an ideal, low-tech aid to maritime surveillance - whether you're keeping an eye on the bad guys or navigating through difficult weather, these binoculars can help.

Eyes on the Sea: The company's marine line comes with three models. The digital model includes an integrated TILT feature, with Liquid Crystal Display read-out, for reliable stabilization even on unruly waters. This model also has a 3-axis digital compass that displays direction, heading and pitch relative to the horizon. All models include a rugged rubber exterior that ensures a solid grip and protects the interior components.


Specifications for 7x 50mm Marine Binoculars with Digital Compass:
Hardware: 3-axis digital compass
Lens Coating:Fully Multi-Coated & UV
Water/Fog Proof:Yes
BaK-4 porro prisms for bright, clear viewing, multi-coated optics for light transmission

  • Company: Bushnell

  • Type: Onboard Observation Technology

  • Direct Cost: $209.45-$255.95

  • Indirect Cost:

  • Link: Product Website

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