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C-295 Maritime Patrol Aircraft


The C-295 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) is a multi-role maritime patrol aircraft derived from the C-295 military aircraft with a mission system that equips the aircraft to conduct maritime patrol, anti-submarine warfare, and anti-surface warfare missions.

Oh, the places you’ll go: The C-295 MPA landing gear is designed for take-off and landing on short, unprepared airfields, making the aircraft ideal for remote, rapidly shifting conditions. The C-295 is maneuverable, outstanding hot and high performance, and a long endurance.

Oh, the things you’ll see: The aircraft is fitted with a fully integrated tactical system, including search radar, electro-optic/infrared sensors, electronic support measures, an electronic intelligence system. The C-295 MPA has deployed in maritime patrol, EEZ surveillance, search and rescue, imagery intelligence, and has a strong record in the kinds of surveillance required of illegal fishing tracking and prevention missions. It is lauded in many reviews as the best operating and maintenance costs in its category.


Maximum Operating Altitude: 7,620m (normal operations)
Maximum Cruise Speed: 480km/h
Endurance: >11 h
Range: 5,630km

Chile, Spain, Mexico, Oman, Portugal, United States
  • Company: Airbus Defence and Space

  • Type: Manned Aircraft

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