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The C-pod is a boat alarm and GPS tracking system that uses geofencing to establish the vessel's position and notifies the user upon theft or unauthorized movement of the vessel. The system can also detect the boat's battery power statistics, the temperature on board, fire or smoke. Equipment can be activated or deactivated remotely.

Ring the alarm: Data can be retrieved remotely on a computer, smartphone or e-reader. The system allows up to 10 different alarm receivers to receive alerts by email or text message.

Keep it personal: C-pod provides worldwide services and gives its users access to a personal web portal.


Weight: 299 grams
Dimensions: 180 x 110 x 40 millimeters
Operating Temperatures: -15° to 55°C

  • Company: C Security Systems AB

  • Type: Onboard Tracking & Geofencing Technology

  • Direct Cost: 419€ base package. 16.95€ monthly subscription, 12 month: €159; 24 month: €299; 3 year: €458 and 5 year: €757

  • Indirect Cost: optional features such as intrusion sensors for motion, door or hatch and safety loop; and optional environmental alarm sensors

  • Link: Product Website

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