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DolphinEar 600


The DolphinEar 600 is a cabled hydrophone that can be connected to a radio or a cell phone for listening. It includes a hydrophone, a preamplifier to pick up weak noises, and an interface for connecting with a cell phone.

Dial In: The audio stream from the hydrophone can be listened to on any given cell phone, given that the hydrophone is in cell range. This is a great option, therefore, for monitoring coastlines. The hydrophone can also be connected directly to a computer or a hard disk for storage. The mobile interface adjusts the bandwidth of the underwater noises to fit the narrow bandwidth of a cell phone.

Just for you: The DolphinEart 600 is a customized product that is designed to meet the specific needs of a given product. It can be a building block within a larger acoustic monitoring system, or can serve as the complete system itself.

Stay glued to your desk: Users can monitor underwater sounds from a desk or lab and in real time with spectrogram software that comes free of charge with the DE600 package. Multi-channel sound cards on a computer can allow users to monitor multiple channels at once in order to build a system to triangulate sounds and track vessels in real time.


Frequency range: 20-3500 Hz

  • Company: DolphinEar

  • Type: Acoustic Monitoring

  • Direct Cost: Not an off-the-shelf- item; enquire with DolphinEar

  • Indirect Cost:

  • Link: Product Website

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