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Earth Observation Platform


Dutch UAS is a non-profit, also known as Red de Neushoorn (Save the Rhino), that is primarily focused on conservation technology. Using the Earth Observation Platform, the user can create photographic maps, digital elevation models, 3D models and object counts.

The scoop: The Earth Observation Platform gathers raw sensor data from camera traps, unmanned aerial systems and satellite imagery, and combines this information into digital maps and 3D models, allowing the user to effectively monitor large areas. Dutch UAS offers image analysis services for analyzing image data and providing actionable and insightful information.

Detect patterns, plan ahead: The platform also aggregates data and runs algorithms to detect changes in environment to better assist with forecasting and planning.

  • Company: Dutch UAS

  • Type: Integrated Systems, Networked Systems and “Big Data”

  • Direct Cost: Turn Key Surveys: fixed price, full package; Image analysis services: monthly subscription, pay per use.

  • Indirect Cost:

  • Link: Product Website

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