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Electronic Monitoring System


Saltwater Inc.'s electronic monitoring (EM) system integrates video and sensor data to provide a cost effective review of fisheries activities. The company offers a broad range of EM services including program design, specialized equipment, software, training, field services and data review.

Rain, wind or shine: The system comes equipped with high resolution, digital IP video cameras that can record up to 30 times more data than traditional analog technology. These cameras can withstand extreme weather conditions and environments that are typical to the marine world.

Open for review: The EM system box has low power requirements and records all video and data files. The data collected is encrypted and saved to hot-swappable hard drives. Saltwater's open-source review software integrates the video and sensor data and can adapt to specific data needs for the user.

How it works: Hydraulic pressure and magnetic drum sensors trigger the videos to begin recording. The resulting videos are logged and integrated with GPS, such that each frame is labeled with a location, time and date stamps.

Customized to meet needs: Each electronic monitoring project is tailored to meet the needs of the fishery. Saltwater works to find customized solutions to address a wide variety of fisheries, each with different gear types, fishing practices and data needs.


Hardware: High-resolution, Wi-Fi capable video cameras, hydraulic pressure and magnetic drum sensors, GPS
Software: Open-source review software
Adaptable to Mission Needs: Yes

Western Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of Alaska and the U.S. West Coast
  • Company: Saltwater Inc.

  • Type: Onboard Observation Technology

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost:

  • Link: Product Website

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