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Electronic Monitoring System and Data Review Software


Archipelago Marine Research can help with planning, launching and managing electronic monitoring (EM) programs by offering training, consulting and certified data-review services. The company produces an EM system, EM data logging software and EM data review software.

Observe, record and interpret: The electric monitoring system, EM Observe, includes a GPS receiver, multiple equipment sensors and up to eight digital video cameras that are linked to an onboard control center. EM Observe is equipped with data-logging software, EM Record, which enables the system to manage and log fishing activity data, providing the crew with real-time information on fishing activities on deck. The data, including all video, sensor and GPS data is recorded and stored to a portable hard drive. Users can review the data using the EM Interpret data review software. This integrated system provides the user with a remote onboard observation service to ensure that the vessel is following compliance and traceability standards.

Keep data safe: There is an option to encrypt fishing activity data, ensuring the safety and security of the data collected.

Endless possibilities: This EM platform allows users to log sets, hauls and sorting; view catch, bycatch and discards; verify fishing times and locations; identify size and species of catch; enforce license conditions; review quota-management efforts; assess protected-species interactions; and display fishing activity in real-time


Hardware: GPS, multiple equipment sensors, up to 8 digital cameras, portable hard drive
Software: EM Record, EM Interpret
Adaptable to Mission Needs: Yes

Current deployments include Australia , Canada (British Columbia), United States (Alaska and West Coast), and United Kingdom
  • Company: Archipelago Marine Research

  • Type: Onboard Observation Technology

  • Direct Cost: Customer works with the Archipelago team to design a monitoring system that fits needs, costs and mission.

  • Indirect Cost:

  • Link: Product Website

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