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ELI-3330 Multi-Payload Aerostat System


The ELI-3330 is a Multi-Payload Aerostat System (MPAS) aerostat whose ability to carry and coordinate a payload of multiple sensors make it well-suited for monitoring and surveillance of MPAs.

Defending the border: This aerostat system's far sight line and ability to carry customized sensors make it particularly well suited to monitoring borders and peripheries, such as long coastlines or MPA boundaries.

Down to basics: The baseline MPAS consists of a 32 m aerostat with a payload of high performance ground surveillance radar and a long-range, day and night imaging sensor. This system can scan, detect, identify and track targets (such as illegal fishing vessels) within a wide region.


Operational Altitude: 1,000 m
Maximum payload: 363 kg
Operational Wind Speed: 70 kn

  • Company: Israel Aerospace Technologies Ltd.

  • Type: Aerostats

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost: Payloads and ground station equipment

  • Link: Product Website

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