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Hydroswarm’s Evie, which stands for Ellipsoidal Vehicle for Inspections and Exploration, is a small, round underwater unmanned system that uses jet propulsion to travel underwater, and is currently undergoing beta testing. Although still in the testing phase, the Evie is bursting with potential and will likely have a major impact on safeguarding MPAs, ocean exploration and data collection missions.

A team sport: Multiple Evie’s are sent out at the same time in “swarms” for various tasks including mapping the ocean’s floor or finding undersea wreckage. Each Evie has instructions to cover a small area and then data from the group is gathered together to present a full picture – cutting time and saving battery life. Appropriately, the Evie is the approximate size and shape of a football, making it easy to transport and maintain.

Packs a punch: Despite its small size, Evie includes a battery and various interchangeable sensors that can be fitted according to the purpose of the mission. Options include cameras, sensors to monitor water quality or hydrophones, or underwater microphones, to listen to ship sounds to track illegal fishing.


Range: 100km2
Endurance: 4 hours
Depth: 250m

Still in testing.
  • Company: Hydroswarm

  • Type: Underwater Unmanned Vehicles (UUV)

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  • Link: Product Website

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