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Falcon Hover


Falcon Hover is a multi-copter UAV that, like all multi-copter UAVs, can access areas difficult to reach with long fixed-wing UAVs. This option is well-suited MPA operations that require tactical manauvering.

Ready when you are: Falcon Unmanned states that the Falcon Hover can be assembled in under 1 minute.

Keep it in the family: Falcon Unmanned currently only offers the Falcon Hover and the fixed-wing Falcon. As mentioned in the entry for the fixed wing Falcon, these two are designed to be entirely interoperable with each other. This means that they can both connect to the same “plug and play” payloads – which can include still or video cameras for day and night surveillance or mapping – and use the same batteries and ground control stations. This minimizes costs and time spent learning new systems for those who purchase both.

Approved by the boys in blue: Like it’s sister UAV, Falcon Hover is also in use by Law enforcement officials out of Colorado’s Mesa County Sherriff office.

  • Company: Falcon Unmanned

  • Type: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

  • Direct Cost: $8,000

  • Indirect Cost: Payloads.

  • Link: Product Website

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