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Fastwave Voyager


The Fastwave Voyager is a data-collection buoy that can serve many purposes ideal for protecting MPAs. It provides near real-time ocean current, sea surface temperature and oil spill tracking data, making it ideal for conservation projects, oil spill tracking and maritime search and rescue operations.

Versatility is key: The value of the Fastwave voyager is truly in its versatility. Options to add a number of additional sensors allow the buoy to perform various functions at the same time - gather oceanographic information as well as track fishing movements through a hydrophone. In countries with frequent Automatic Identification System (AIS) usage and adherence, of particular value is the AIS-enabled version of the buoy that can pick up on AIS signals. This enables the user to collect information on AIS-enabled vessels and send alerts when an AIS-identified vessel is in approach. Moreover, Fastwave offers the option to install a camera system on the buoy for transmitting images over a satellite link in the event something is detected, such as a nearby vessel. The camera system can be remotely operated.

You decide: Data collected are sent to Fastwave’s servers and is then decoded and made available through an online data management portal. If that option is not the right fit for you, the data can also be delivered to a client-preferred application.

Whatever floats your buoy: The Fastwave Voyager buoy can be deployed from a small boat, ship, rig or from an aircraft.


Height: 510 millimeters
Diameter: 250 millimeters
Weight: 4.7 kilograms
Battery: Alkaline
Temperature Sensor: -2 to +65°C
Endurance: 300 days with 3-hourly reporting

  • Company: Fastwave

  • Type: Buoys

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost: Optional accessories: Parachute for aircraft deployment, Drogue & line for coupling to sub-surface layers (specify depth), Recovery flag on 2m mast, Recovery strobe light, Transportation and storage hard case. Optional camera system.

  • Link: Product Website

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A Voyage to Remember

A buoy revolutionized to meet new ocean data needs

By Ariella Knight

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