FLIR Thermal Cameras


A FLIR thermal mounted camera, featured on "SeaLegs," an amphibious vessel as part of Earthrace Conservation's project along the coast of West Africa, provided the vessel with thermal video that was then transmitted to a GPS radar screen (a separate technology).

Stay energized: FLIR produces various models of mount thermal cameras equipped with thermal imagers that display the invisible heat energy from potential hazards such as floating debris, shipping lane traffic, vessels riding at anchor and small boats.

So many options: FLIR produces compact, multi-sensor and advanced thermal night vision cameras, along with a long-range multi-spectral imaging camera systems.

  • Company: FLIR

  • Type: Camera Surveillance

  • Direct Cost: Starting at $3,499.00

  • Indirect Cost: Optional Accessories include joystick control unit, low smoke, zero halogen ethernet cables

  • Link: Product Website

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MANU SAN FELIX/Courtesy of National Geographic Society

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