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Global Fishing Watch


Global Fishing Watch is an online platform that shows satellite imagery of all global fishing activity in near real time. It is produced in partnership by Oceana, Google, and SkyTruth, a small West Virginia-based nonprofit that uses satellite imagery to analyze environmental trends.

Free-for-all: The platform can be accessed at the click of your mouse, and has no charge for users at its most basic level. This model effectively crowd sources the job of identifying illegal or suspicious fishing activities such as fishing inside a protected zone or transshipping, the illegal process of moving catch while at sea.

Coming soon to a theater near you: Global Fishing Watch ran a beta version of the platform for about a year and a half, during which time the platform successfully identified multiple instances of "spoofing" (the illegal tampering with AIS transponders, often done to hide a boat's location) and possible illegal fishing. Now that the kinks have been worked out Global Fishing Watch is ready for launch later this fall.

Learn more about what Global Fishing Watch looks like in our Tech in Action story accessible at the link below.

Worldwide. Has been tested specifically to monitor the Phoenix Islands Protected Area and the territorial waters of Palau and Kiribati.
  • Company: SkyTruth, Oceana and Google

  • Type: Integrated Systems, Networked Systems and “Big Data”

  • Direct Cost: Free

  • Indirect Cost: Internet service

  • Link: Product Website

Tech in Action


Out of the Shadows and onto Your Browser

How satellite data, algorithms and machine learning work together to bring worldwide fishing activity to the click of the mouse

By Ariella Knight

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