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GoPro Hero4 Silver


The Hero4 Silver is in the middle price range option for GoPro cameras and has touch screen, instant playback, high image quality and video image frame rate, low light capabilities for shooting at night, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Protect those MPAs: Cameras such as GoPro's Hero4 Silver can be installed on a variety or platforms such as drones, in order to facilitate monitoring and surveillance of MPAs. Use them to capture video footage while flying overhead or install them on an underwater platform to monitor what's going on down below.

Tag, you’re it: Photos and videos can be accessed through the free GoPro smartphone application, or through the use of a smart remote, purchase of which is separate. The Hero4 Silver camera has the option to be a one-button camera, and also has a 'tag' button that, when pressed during recordings, will tag a certain video frame to make it easier to find.

Quality features: Hero4 Silver also incorporates ProTune, which provides customizable settings necessary for professional quality images and videos. These include color settings, ISO balance, whiteness, sharpness and exposure. Hero4 Silver also has SuperView, a GoPro wide angle video mode, and an auto low-light setting that enables the camera automatically adjust to different light levels.

The full package: Purchase includes camera, standard housing, skeleton & touch backdoors, rechargeable battery, curved adhesive mount, flat adhesive mount, quick release buckles, 3-way pivot arm (mounting hardware) and USB cable.


Weight: 84g
Waterproof: 40m with Standard Housing, 60m with Dive Housing
Photo Capabilities: 12 megapixel photos, 30 frames per second
Video Capabilities: 1080p60, 720p120
Battery: 3 hours maximum

  • Company: GoPro

  • Type: Camera Surveillance

  • Direct Cost: $399.99

  • Indirect Cost: optional accessories and mounts, warranty and memory card

  • Link: Product Website

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