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GoPro Hero Session


The GoPro Hero Session is the smallest and cheapest of GoPro's Hero Series. It is also lightest GoPro camera overall, making this GoPro a cost-friendly option that's easy to take with you.

Protect those MPAs: Cameras such as GoPro's Hero Session can be installed on a variety or platforms, such as drones, in order to facilitate monitoring and surveillance of MPAs. Use them to capture video footage while flying overhead or install them on an underwater platform to monitor what's going on down below.

Just keep swimming: This waterproof camera has features to conserve battery life, such as an automatic shutdown feature, making it useful for lengthy missions.

Size doesn’t matter: The Hero Session may be compact and lightweight but not to the detriment of video quality – this little guy is capable of high-resolution, professional quality videos. Smooth, slow-motion playback ensures careful video review in order to catch the details that matter. The camera comes equipped with ProTune, which provides customizable settings necessary for professional quality images and videos. These include color settings, ISO balance, whiteness, sharpness and exposure.

Mic check: Dual mics, one on the front of the camera and one on the back, allow the camera to filter out wind and noise. The camera also features auto low light mode to ensure quality photos in any lighting, and the SuperView feature allows for wide-angle shots.

Stay connected: The camera can be controlled remotely and includes both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, which can connect to the free GoPro App and Smart Remote for control and video sharing.


Weight: 74g
Waterproof: 10m
Photo Capabilities: 8 megapixel single photos, 10 frames per second burst photos, 0.5 to 60 second time-lapse photos
Video Capabilities: 1440p30, 1080p60, 720p100
Battery: 2 hours maximum

  • Company: GoPro

  • Type: Camera Surveillance

  • Direct Cost: $199.99 for camera, standard frame, curved adhesive mount, flat adhesive mount, mounting buckle and hardware and micro-USB cable

  • Indirect Cost: memory card, optional mounts and accessories and warranty.

  • Link: Product Website

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