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The HBS FX61 is a medium range video and mapping UAV that can be dismantled into three small parts and carried in a carrying case. The HBS FX61 was designed by conservationists and has been used to map orangutan and crocodile nests.

Good for beginners: Hornbills Survey suggests the HBS FX61 as a good option for first-time UAV operators, largely due to its cheap price tag, easy hand launch and simple, battery operated design.
Upgrade me: The HBS FX61 comes with a Pro and a Lite version. The Lite version is geared towards novice users who are more price-conscious. However all Liter versions can be upgraded to the Pro for different hardware options.

Map Skillz: The HBS FX61 was designed primarily for mapping and aerial survey of rainforests, rivers and tree and palm oil plantations in Borneo, Indonesia. Among other payload options, the craft can be configured to use a forward looking GoPro camera for monitoring and surveillance or a Canon S100 GPS to produce a geo-reference map at a resolution of 10 cm per pixel. This surveying ability can be similarly applied to marine environments and used for monitoring MPAs and territorial waters.


Range: 35 km
Payload Weight: (Pro) 1.5kg, (Lite) 1.3kg
Endurance: (Pro) 1 hour, (Lite) 40 minutes
Distance: (Pro) 35km, (Lite), 25km

Borneo, Indonesia
  • Company: Hornbill Surveys

  • Type: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

  • Direct Cost: (Pro) $3500 (Lite) $1500

  • Indirect Cost: Battery is not included

  • Link: Product Website

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MANU SAN FELIX/Courtesy of National Geographic Society

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