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HBS Skywalker


The HBS Skywalker is a long range, fixed wing UAV that, like other UAVs designed by Hornbills Survey, was designed primarily for conservation efforts and has been used to map orangutan and crocodile nests in Indonesia. This conservation-minded UAV is a great option for monitoring and surveilling MPAs.

Runs in the family: The HBS Skywalker is very similar to other Hornbills Survey UAVs in its light design, ease of use, and emphasis on aerial mapping and surveys. The key difference with the Skywalker is its robustness, offering the longest battery life (1 hour) and the farthest range (up to 100km). The best part? This bad boy still has relatively cheap price tag at under $5000 per craft.


Wingspan: 1720 to 1800 millimeters
Weight: 2.8kg
Range: 100km
Endurance: 3 hours

Borneo, Indonesia
  • Company: Hornbill Surveys

  • Type: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

  • Direct Cost: $4,200

  • Indirect Cost: Battery is not included, may need additional power source for longer duration operations

  • Link: Product Website

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MANU SAN FELIX/Courtesy of National Geographic Society

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