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HBS T680


The HBS T680 is a video and mapping hexacopter UAV that is particularly useful for areas that are not conducive for fixed-wing UAV take off and landing. Like other UAVs designed by Hornbills Survey, the primary purpose of the HBS T680 was conservation, and it has been used to map orangutan and crocodile nests in Indonesia. These copters can be used for monitoring MPAs and territorial waters to combat illegal fishing and conserve the environment, particularly in areas that aren't well-suited for fixed-wing UAVs.

Hands-free: The HBS T680 is fully autonomous, meaning that mission planning only needs to take place through a ground control station or a smart phone application that connects to the drone - the craft does not need to be launched by hand.

For those hard to reach places: The HBS T680’s ability to fly slowly and at low heights is ideal for providing high resolution images and for continuous monitoring and surveillance of areas of interest.


Wingspan: 680mm
Weight: 3.2kg
Endurance: 10 to 15 minutes depending on payload and weather

Borneo, Indonesia
  • Company: Hornbill Surveys

  • Type: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

  • Direct Cost: $3,950

  • Indirect Cost: Battery is not included

  • Link: Product Website

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