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icListen Smart Hydrophone


Ocean Son’s icListen Smart Hydrophone is considered one of the most sensitive hydrophones on the market, and is easily transportable as it fits in the size of your hand. It can function as both an acoustic data logger and a digital hydrophone simultaneously, and multiple hydrophones can be synchronized into a multi-channel array to avoid signal cross-talk.

Go high: the standard icListen hydrophone is high-frequency, and comes in several variants including a high-intensity version aimed at monitoring construction, dredging, or explosions.

Go low: in addition to the high-frequency options, the icListen hydrophone has a low-frequency variant most suited to earthquake and tsunami monitoring. The range of options available with the icListen hydrophone make it highly customizable for monitoring illegal vessel activities in or incursions into a marine protected area.

  • Company: Ocean Sonics

  • Type: Acoustic Monitoring

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  • Link: Product Website

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