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Imagenex 965A


The Imagenex 965A 1.1 MHz is a high-speed and resolution sonar system that provides precise underwater images to a computer system connected by an ethernet cord. This device can be supported on a wide variety of applications, ranging from scientific research to harbor surveillance. The device is lightweight and small enough to be can be employed on a diversity of vehicles like ROVs, AUVs, and UUVs. Imagenex provides two options for the sonar system: aluminum with a maximum operating depth of 1,000 meters; or titanium with a maximum operating depth of 2,000 meters.

The sonar system has been deployed on the Seaglider, an unmanned underwater vehicle, in the Antarctic Ocean. This study was directed by the British Antarctic Survey, an institute of the Natural Environment Research Council, which is supported by the U.K. government.


Operating Depth Range: 1,000 m -2,000 m
Weight in Air: 1.5 kg
Weight in Water: .045 kg

Antarctic Ocean
  • Company: Imagenex

  • Type: Radar Technologies

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