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Lynx Tethered Aerostat


Rosaero Systems offers the “Lynx,” which is a low-volume aerostat equipped with a mooring station. With the ability to provide continuous surveillance, these aerostats can monitor borders –including sea borders – detect forest fires, detect illegal craft (including those illegal fishing vessels), conduct scientific research and capture aerial photography and video.

Endurance: Each mission can last up to 15 days at the working altitude, with brief landings between missions for maintenance.

Design features: The aerostat features an aerodynamic form, allowing it to operate at the working altitude even in strong winds. The energy supply is provided by a cable tether, which ensures continuous work of the observational camera and air-gas system.

All you want and moor: The aerostats are equipped with the mooring system for stationary use and are capable of holding the aerostats even in windy situations. The relocatable version is also available. During short-term flights in remote areas, it is possible to operate the aerostat without the mooring system when requirements are met.


Volume: 450 cubic meters
Length: 19 meters
Height: 8.8 meters
Diameter 7 meters
Weight: 155 kilograms
Maximum Altitude: 1000 meters
Maximum Wind Velocity: 25 meters per second
Payload: 60 to 150 kilograms
Flight Endurance: 15 days

  • Company: RosAeroSystems, International Ltd.

  • Type: Aerostats

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost: Payload options and other upgrades.

  • Link: Product Website

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