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Mfish is a smartphone application that was launched in 2014 in partnership between the US Department of State and private companies Tone and XL.

Catch of the day: The application is designed encourage sustainable fishing and traceability of catch among artisinal fishermen. It does so by providing information such as weather forecasts and market price of fish on a given day as well as a means to log fish catch directly into the application. It also provides a communication tool for fishermen to contact and communication with each other. The mobile plan that is provided with the phone is used as an incentive for fishermen to enter their catch information and encourages them to invest in a community-wide model of sustainable fishing.

Testing, testing: Within one year, 23,000 fishermen in Indonesia and Bali were taking advantage of this application. Continued investment into the project by the US State Department, as evidenced through a feature at the 2016 Our Ocean conference, hopes to expand this worldwide.

A jack of all trades: Mfish has expanded to additional issue areas including farming, however, the focus remains the promotion of sustainable seafood and traceability of catch.


Kit includes mobile phone, 6 months of free data, solar charger and a waterproof bag.

Indonesia, Bali
  • Company: Tone

  • Type: Mobile Technologies

  • Direct Cost: Data plan after 6 months of free data.

  • Indirect Cost:

  • Link: Product Website

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