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Nav-Tracker Systems


Nav-Tracker is a monitoring system designed to track and monitor vessels. The system has global coverage with the exception of the extreme north and south poles. The geofencing technology alerts the user when the vessel moves outside of the geofence and provides the vessel's latitude, longitude, speed heading and distance to the closest city. The system is capable of monitoring both individual vessels and fleets.

Stealthy and smart: The device has the ability to transmit through a 1/2 inch of solid fiberglass and can therefore be installed in a way that is hidden to avoid alerting thieves to its presence.

How it works: The system receives the position of the vessel from the GPS satellites, this information is then sent over the Inmarsat satellite network to the ground stations. From there, the data is sent over to GOST servers, and once the information has reached the servers, it is then available to any computer with an Internet connection. The system automatically sends up to 10 emails and/or text messages to the user notifying them of events happening on the vessel.

Data dump: Data gathered from the satellite network can be viewed globally on the Nav-Tracker website, allowing for immediate and reliable vessel tracking. Once on the website, users can track movement, trace a breadcrumb trail using Google Earth interface and adjust the geo-fence radius and reporting intervals. Inmarsat satellites provide location data regardless of weather, featuring an average network availability of 99.99%.

Required reading: The Nav-Tracker system is now required by some insurance companies and many others offer might offer discounts to vessels that have the system.


Specifications depend on the model

  • Company: Global Ocean Security Technologies

  • Type: Onboard Tracking & Geofencing Technology

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost: Optional accessories to enhance performance, namely a variety of sensor options

  • Link: Product Website

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