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ORBCOMM Vessel Monitoring System IDP-690


ORBCOMM’s Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) IDP-690 is pre-certified by the Pacific Island Forum Fisheries Agency, a cooperative organization that combats illegal fishing in the South Pacific, and includes many features to assist in maritime endeavors.

The rundown: The satellite communications device included in the VMS system uses the IDP-690 to connect to satellite data for vessel tracking and ship-to-shore communications anywhere in the world. The device allows for consistent and event-based reporting, GPS position reports, geofence alerts, system status reports, data logging and two-way email capabilities. The interface unit, the SVM-610, relays status information to the vessel operator via LED indicators. This information displays power status, terminal connection status, satellite connectivity and GPS availability. The SVM-610 can also connect to a computer through a serial port, or a connector by which a device that sends data, to allow for system diagnostics/updates and e-mail capabilities.

Report management: Periodic and event-based reporting are included with this VMS system. Messages are delivered periodically at pre-configured intervals. This information includes time, longitude, latitude, speed, course, GPS and satellite signal quality. Events-based reports include notifications that are sent when specific or multiple tampering events are detected. These can include power disconnection, GPS jamming, GPS and/or IDP blockage, among others.

Strengthen your de-fence: Geofences can be defined on the device in order to generate entry and exit notifications for virtually demarcated areas.

Remotely float your boat: Configuration and system updates can be configured remotely over the air in order to eliminate disruptions to fishing operations and costs associated with the deployment of field workers.


Up to 25,000 messages can be stored
Up to 128 geofences can be defined

  • Company: ORBCOMM

  • Type: Vessel Monitoring System

  • Direct Cost: VMS Kit comprised of IDP-690 terminal, Interface Unit, pole or rail mounting kit

  • Indirect Cost: Optional accessories such as cables and USB converter cable

  • Link: Product Website

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