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“Pay per picture” Satellite Imagery


BlackSky Global launches and controls micro satellites that operate at mid latitudes, with the ultimate goal to speed up the delivery of satellite images to decision makers. They provide a "pay per picture" business model for delivering satellite imagery to businesses, governments and nonprofits.

Micro matters: BlackSky Global works to complement existing satellite services by providing a constellation of high resolution micro-satellites located in mid latitudes, allowing for higher revisit rates, which is the frequency with which a satellite revisits the same location, than existing satellites. This high revisit rate is important for capturing consistent and updated information, which can inform ongoing law enforcement operations such as tracking illegal fishing vessels. BlackSky Global's satellites revisit locations 40 and 70 times a day.

Connect the dots: BlackSky Global's satellites’ high return rates make them well-suited for detecting subtle changes in an environment. These images can then be integrated into larger, more expansive maps and images that are taken by more stationary, larger satellites.

Coming soon: Currently, BlackSky is developing a web-based platform to allow customers to receive satellite imagery via the Internet. This is not yet deployed.


Revisit Rate: 40-70 times per day
Resolution: 1 meter
Imagery: Color images
Delivery: Pay per image

  • Company: BlackSky Global

  • Type: Satellite Observation

  • Direct Cost: Price per image varies, all are under $100 per image

  • Indirect Cost:

  • Link: Product Website

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