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Pelagic Data Systems Vessel Tracking System


The Pelagic Data Systems Vessel Tracking System (VTS) is a solar-powered data collection device that is suitable for tracking smaller vessels that are often excluded from existing tracking systems, such as automatic identification system (AIS) and vessel management system (VMS) that are used for fleet management.

Packs a Big Punch: The Pelagic VTS uses cellular wireless network to automatically send data back to shore as often as every few seconds, with the system capable of keeping up to a year’s worth of the vessel’s data backed up onboard the vessel. As it relies on cellular network, the system is best suited for near-shore artisanal vessel management. Cloud based data analytics convert raw data into visualizations and alerts customized to specific users.

Here Comes the Sun: the Pelagic VTS is completely power-independent as it relies wholly on solar power. This places it at a much lower price point than competing vessel management systems that generally require an onboard power source or regularly recharged batteries.

Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Maldives, Gabon, Mexico, Honduras, United States
  • Company: Pelagic Data Systems

  • Type: Onboard Tracking & Geofencing Technology

  • Direct Cost: $150.00 for technology, $20.00 per month for data service

  • Indirect Cost:

  • Link: Product Website

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