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Planet Labs Various Data Imagery Packages


Planet Labs, a Silicon Valley startup founded in 2010, has launched 100 small satellites, primarily Cube Satellites (CubeSats). The CubeSat is a 10 cubic centimeter spacecraft that uses off-the-shelf electronic components for its payload and a common deployment system, making them cheaper to launch than traditional satellites.

Something for everyone: Planet offers a wide range of data sets available to meet user needs. Customers have the option to select a monitoring program, collect imagery a la carte, utilize an imagery archive or use the global basemaps system.

Variety of options: Planet Labs provides same-day imagery captured in two different Low Earth Orbits: Sun-Synchronous Orbit and International Space Station Orbit. You can purchase and download imagery data in three formats - unrectified (raw) imagery data, orthorectified (slightly altered to stretch images to match spatial accuracy of a map) imagery data and pre-processed data for immediate visual analysis.

Packaged and ready to go: Planet labs offers various data packages to suit user needs. The 3M RapidEye Mosiac's package, for example, combines multiple satellite images to cover an entire region or specified area with limited cloud cover. This may be ideal for monitoring vast marine protected areas, as well as for those with lower capacity to process data in unrectified or raw forms. Thus far, Planet Labs has mostly been involved in monitoring agricultural developments, however their technology is well-suited for maritime environments.


Revisit Rate: Daily
Resolution: 3.125 to 6.5 meters depending on the satellite
Imagery: Color and color-coded images
Delivery: Subscription-based or pay per image, cloud-based

United States, to monitor agriculture conditions
  • Company: Planet Labs

  • Type: Satellite Observation

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