Courtesy of PZL Mielec

PZL Mielec M28 Skytruck/Bryza Aircraft


The M28 Skytruck/Bryza is a multi-mission aircraft that can be deployed in troop and cargo transport, med-evacuation, maritime patrol, and reconnaissance. It's short take off and landing capabilities make it suited to working in small island environments and priority areas for combatting illegal fishing.

If the shoe fits: There are several variants of the M28 Skytruck developed specifically for maritime patrol: the PZL M28B Bryza 1R, designed for sea border patrolling, search-and-rescue, and the protection of EEZs; M28B Bryza 1E, designed for maritime ecological reconnaissance and patrol; and the PZL M28B Bryza RM, designed for maritime patrol and reconnaissance and equipped with submarine detection capability.


Maximum Operating Altitude: 7,620 m
Maximum Speed: 244 km/h long range cruise speed and 355 km/h max operating speed
Endurance: 6.2 hours
Range: 1,592 km at 10,000 feet with 45 minutes reserve

Nepal, Colombia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Indonesia, Poland, United States
  • Company: Sikorsky and PZL Mielec

  • Type: Manned Aircraft

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  • Link: Product Website

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