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R2009 Radar Control Unit


The Simrad R2009 is a dedicated radar control unit with a 9-inch portrait display. It is compatible with a range of Simrad radar solutions including Halo™ Pulse Compression, Broadband 3G/4G and HD Digital Radar. Its vertical layout allows for a radar picture almost the full width of the screen. Alarms, indicators, and target tracking information are shown in widescreen panels above and below the main radar display. The unit provides safety and navigation functions that are ideal for offshore cruisers, commercial vessels and sport fishing vessels.

Bells and whistles: The R2009 supports flush-mount installation in a console or dash, or bracket-mount installation with an included gimbal bracket. The R2009 is IPX7 water-resistant from all sides, in either type of installation, and the integrated keypad and rotary dial with large keys allow for easy use while traveling at speed or wearing wet gloves - a must-have.

Keep your options open: The R2009 Radar Control Unit connects to compatible Simrad radar systems via Ethernet, offering simple installation and easy networking of multiple control units and radar systems. The R2009 also includes dual NMEA 0183 ports and NMEA 2000 connectivity for compatible devices such as heading and speed sensors, Automatic Identification System and GPS.


Weight: 1.95 kg
Height: 260 mm
Display: 9-inch portrait, 480x800 resolution

One of the Simrad radars was used on SeaLegs amphibious vessel as a part of Earthtrace Conservation's project along the West Coast of Africa.
  • Company: Simrad

  • Type: Radar Technologies

  • Direct Cost: $1,399

  • Indirect Cost: Options for additional accessories and complimentary devices to enhance usage.

  • Link: Product Website

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