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Sailor Platinum Plus VMS Package


The Sailor Platinum Plus VMS Package is specifically designed for fishing vessels and is a dedicated maritime/VMS tracking and safety system. The system provides global tracking, messaging and maritime distress calling and reception by the INMARSAT-C satellite network.

Package breakdown: The package includes the Sailor 6004 touch screen message terminal, antenna, a distress panel and a control unit. The control unit uses a Windows/Android operating system and includes pre-installed forms to support VMS catch reporting and declaration documents needed to enter into ports.

Antenna alert: The Sailor-3027 antenna meets the requirements for the NMFS VMS program for a variety of fisheries.


GPS module: 50 channel
Ambient temperature: -15C to 55C

  • Company: Network Innovations

  • Type: Vessel Monitoring System

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  • Link: Product Website

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