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Boeing Insitu's ScanEagle is an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance fixed wing UAV that has been deployed in maritime environments since 2005 for both military and civilian missions. It is a great option for MPA monitoring and surveillance operations.

More than capable: ScanEagle's monitoring capabilities come equipped with live video feed and communication links that can connect 55 nautical miles from a ground control station. Use the live video feed to monitor MPAs and detect illegal incursions.

Ms. Independent: ScanEagle operates with a specialized launching and recovery system (both of which need to be purchased separately). The catapult-like launcher and the hook-like recovery system get rid of the need for a runway or manpower for hand-launch.

Fish on my mind: ScanEagle’s predecessor was SeaScan, a UAV specifically developed for the purpose of tracking fish both for reducing time spent at sea and to prevent bycatch of dolphins. ScanEagle’s portfolio is much broader than this but it retains more effective maritime surveillance and tracking capabilities.


Length: 1.55 meters
Wingspan: 3.11 meters
Take-Off Weight: 22 kilograms
Speed: 60 knots
Endurance: 24+ hours
Maximum Operating Altitude: 5,944 meters

Current military and government operators include Afghanistan, Austalia, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Iran, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Tunisia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Yemen. De
  • Company: Boeing Insitu

  • Type: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost: Require a pressurized catapult launcher to launch, ground control system, and SkyHook, a specialized recovery system.

  • Link: Product Website

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