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Scorpion Track Marine


The ScorpionTrack is a geofencing device that acts as theft protection for vessels. The device provides remote updates on speed, direction, battery condition and location details of a vessel.

Safety at Sea: Once ScorpionTrack is installed on a vessel, any movement of the vessel - whether on land or on the water - will cause the device to notify the owner with new location. Users can access their personal account via smartphone or computer and monitor their boat's movement from the comfort of a couch miles away. The device has some anti-theft devices as well including a battery tamper alarm.

Do your part: By making the oceans more 'networked' through gathering location data on a given vessel, users of ScorpionTrack are able to show the legality of their maritime activities as well as contribute to increased transparency of vessels as sea.


5 free text alerts per month are included
Location accuracy to 450 m

  • Company: Scorpion Track

  • Type: Onboard Tracking & Geofencing Technology

  • Direct Cost: £229 inc. VAT, plus your installation, unless it is self fitted To ensure 24 hour coverage 365 days a year for your ScorpionTrack Marine product, the following ongoing service charge applies. Annual Subscription: £60 per Annum inc. VAT To ensure ongoin

  • Indirect Cost: Switchable key guard facility is also available for additional protection guarding against key theft and the craft being moved with ignition on

  • Link: Product Website

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