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SeaLegs 6.1m Amphibious D-Tube


The 6.1m Amphibious D-Tube is built to match rugged conditions and can take on wind and rain like a champ. Like all SeaLegs amphibious crafts, the D-Tube has retractable wheels allowing it to drive from land to sea and back again – no need for a dock or ramp. Not needing a docking system allows the craft to remain fully operational during natural disasters or other occasions where a docking system might not be readily available.

Runs in the family: Like the 6.1M RIB, this craft comes with the standard SeaLegs package: all-wheel drive, power steering and an automatic breaking system. Put the 22HP Honda engine to use no matter what the weather since this vessel is built to withstand adverse conditions and features aluminum pontoons (bottom of the boat) instead of rubber tubes. Another bonus: the aluminum requires less maintenance.

On a Mission: Just like all SeaLegs crafts, this craft is useful for rescue missions, day and night surveillance and other maritime law enforcement operations– the only difference with this craft, is it is better-suited for adverse weather conditions and difficult ocean environments. The D-tube craft can freely navigate through debris-laden areas given its buoyancy capabilities and the durability of its aluminum features.


Length: 6.13m
Height: 2.35m
Speed: 35 knots (water), 7 kph (land)
Maximum Payload: 500kg

  • Company: SeaLegs

  • Type: Manned Boats

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