Sealegs 6.1m Rigid Inflatable Boat


The 6.1M Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) is a Sealegs amphibious craft – meaning, it can roll straight from a beach into the water and out again, on retractable wheels. This removes the need for a ramp or dock for launching or storage. The 6.1M RIB is the smallest of the few amphibious crafts offered by Sealegs and can go where traditionally bigger patrol vessels cannot - shallow waters, areas of variable depth or in waters with debris and other obstructions.

Whatever floats your boat: As if the ability to drive a boat on land is not enough, this craft comes equipped with an automatic braking system, all-wheel drive and power steering for land and water. The 6.1M Rigid Inflatable Boat makes a splash with its 22HP Honda engine, allowing the craft to take on speedy missions.

Mission possible: The 6.1M RIB’s ability to navigate rocky waters and fast winds makes it well suited for rescue missions, day and night surveillance and maritime law enforcement.


Length: 6.13m
Height: 2.35m
Speed: 35 knots (water), 7 kph (land)
Maximum Payload: 500kg

Italy and Malaysia.
  • Company: SeaLegs

  • Type: Manned Boats

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost:

  • Link: Product Website

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