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SeaStar Maps


Long considered the leader in the satellite imagery field, Digital Globe has been providing satellite imagery for maritime environments for almost 20 years now. Since 1997, Digital Globe has specifically focused on the commercial fishing industry with its program SeaStar, which provides satellite imagery on ocean conditions to help fishermen locate productive fishing grounds.

Tools for many purposes: Ocean imagery includes information such as sea temperatures and currents, plankton concentrations, salinity and thermocline estimates, weather reports and more. Additional tools include MasterCast which allows users to manipulate, filter and sort data; and InsightExplorer, which allows captains to document and submit catch data in real time. These tools can be leveraged to predict movement of illegal fishing vessels, track the patterns of migratory fish and potentially, illegal fishing targets and other operations related to MPA protection.

Standby for updates: Digital Globe is currently building six smaller satellites to improve its refresh or revisit rate, which is the frequency at which the satellite revisits the same location.


Revisit Rate: Every 34 minutes
Imagery: Color images
Delivery: Subscription-based

  • Company: Digital Globe

  • Type: Satellite Observation

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost:

  • Link: Product Website

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