SeaTube is an on board video recording system that allows ship owners, research centers and fishing administrations, among others, to control and manage vessel activity.

Quality matters: Videos are recorded in HD quality in order to capture the important details. These HD-quality videos are stored onboard on encrypted Hard Drive Disks that are mounted securely inside the Satlink SeaTube Rack.

Keep track: The Satlink SeaTube receives GPS positions from a Satlink Vessel Monitoring System unit (VMS ELB21014), which is approved for governmental Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) applications. This VMS unit is tamperproof and acts as a GPS source providing latitude, longitude, speed, course, data and time. This GPS information allows the user to geo-reference the videos and analyze vessel tracking data. Moreover, this information is included in all of the videos as a watermark that cannot be deleted or manipulated. Data collected can can also include catch volume, species and size composition, discards of bycatch, set type and FAD data and fish transshipment information.

Saturday night television: Video footage is extracted locally from the Hard Disk Drives. Satlink offers the Satlink View Manager analysis tool for reviewing the footage.

All about the options: This onboard video recording system comes equipped with 4 HD cameras, but users have the option to add up to 8 HD cameras. Moreover, the option to order the system with a higher capacity, of up to 12 months, is also available to those interested.


Hardware: 4-8 high-definition cameras with 1280x720, 24 frames per second video recording capabilities, GPS
Software: Satlink View Manager
Data storage: up to 5 to 7 months
Adaptable to Mission Needs: Yes

  • Company: Satlink

  • Type: Onboard Observation Technology

  • Direct Cost:

  • Indirect Cost: Option to install 8 cameras instead of the standard 4. Option to order the system with higher capacity of up to 12 months

  • Link: Product Website

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